Frequently Asked Questions - SPEEDMAILER Newsletter Server

»Is SPEEDMAILER a software or a service?

Neither. SPEEDMAILER is a Newsletter Server configured to send BulkMails / Massmails. We do not send emails for you nor do we provide database lists. You can send emails through your own software or the pre-installed software installed on SPEEDMAILER.

»Do I have to keep my PC on when I am sending emails?

If you are using the open source mailing software installed on the SPEEDMAILER Newsletter Server, you can switch of your PC. If you are using a bulk mailing software installed on your PC to send mails, you will have to keep the PC on.

»How are you different from other Bulk Mail Service Providers?

The main difference is that SPEEDMAILER Newsletter Server allows you the freedom to send unlimited newsletters without any per-email cost or per-campaign cost.

»Can I use my own software to connect to the SPEEDMAILER Newsletter Server and send mails from my PC?

Yes, as long as it does not violate our Terms and the default VPS specifications support your software’s requirements. The SPEEDMAILER Newsletter Server supports smtp, imap and pop3.

»Can you install additional modules on the SPEEDMAILER Newsletter Server?

We do not reinstall/tweak the default settings or modify apache, php or mysql configurations. Please check out our Managed VPS, if you need custom installs.

»Do I need to register a domain name while ordering the SPEEDMAILER Newsletter Server?

Yes, it is mandatory to register a domain name. However, we suggest that you do not use your existing domain name which you are using for business and transactional emails. We recommend that you order a new similar domain with another extension which we can configure for your marketing newsletters. Never mix your marketing and transactional newsletters/emails, as any incident that may cause your marketing server to be temporarily disconnected will lead to a complete disruption of your business/ transactional emails.

»Do you design newsletters?

Yes, we can design newsletters for your campaign. Please contact us for pricing details.

»I already have a newsletter design. Can you code it for me and convert it into a template so that I can send mails?

Yes, we do offer this service. Please contact us for pricing details.