Real Life Problems faced by our clients before they moved to our Private Servers.

Many of our clients chose our PRIVATE SERVERS to host their applications or their email service because of practical problems faced with shared hosting OR poor support from their hosting companies. You will NEVER face any of the below mentioned problems with our PRIVATE Email/Hosting SERVERS.

A) When a single employee entered an incorrect password multiple times, the entire IP of the clients network used to be blocked by the firewall and all email communication used to stop. On the PRIVATE SERVER the IP addresses of the clients network were whitelisted and even if an employee enters incorrect passwords by mistake, access to the clients network is not blocked and email communication is not disrupted.

B) Many clients needed to send a larger volume of emails but because Shared hosting servers have a limit on the number of emails that can be sent, this limit was exceeded time and again, disrupting email communications. Moving to a PRIVATE SERVER ensured that larger volume mails are sent as a Private Server does not have the restrictions imposed by shared hosting.

C) Applications of some clients needed special configuration and settings which were not possible under a shared hosting environment. This was easily done on a PRIVATE SERVER.

Limits Imposed by Shared Hosting Providers:

  • Restrict emails that can be sent per hour and silently drop additional emails without the client being aware that their mails have not been sent;
  • Restrict the number of email accounts that can be created;
  • Restrict the time duration for storing the emails online on the server - some hosts run automatic programs to delete older emails;
  • Restrict the size of email attachments;
  • Restrict the number of recipients to which a email can be sent to;
  • Restrict access and Suspend accounts of clients which have been a target of spammers without warning etc;
  • Restrict or disallow storing of files such as .zip or tar.gz or any file that is not linked to a html file.


Private Email / Hosting Server - Speed, Security, Stability And Fully Managed Support
file manager web hosting india

Private Hostname -

We setup your host name as and configure reverse pointers for the server I.P. to exclusively match your hostname. This ensures that your genuine emails are NEVER Blacklisted or Blocked by RBL lists.

24 /7 managed support

Fast and quality support around the clock

Need any assistence, any time of the day & you can expect us to be there for you.

file manager web hosting india

cPanel / WHM License Included

The cPanel & WHM software package is an easy-to-use graphical control panel that gives website owners the ability to quickly and easily manage their emails and websites.

file manager web hosting india

Custom Built, Enterprise-grade hardware

All our Managed VPS servers are enterprise-grade and use only the best components available, to ensure maximum performance and stability.

Mumbai Hosting Clients: Case Studies

A Multinational Company uses Mumbai Hosting's PRIVATE SERVER for providing email accounts and webmail access to all its employees.

A Recruitment Company uses Mumbai Hosting's PRIVATE SERVER to store and protect its critical data and to send job offers via email to registered candidates.


A GST information service provider uses Mumbai Hosting's PRIVATE SERVER to host its subscription based website and to send tax related news and updates to its subscribers.

A Event Management company uses Mumbai Hosting's PRIVATE SERVER to host its multiple websites, blogs, forums and to inform participants about their activities through emails.


A Shopping Website uses Mumbai Hosting's PRIVATE SERVER with SSL Certificate and Payment Gateway Integration to sell its products online.

A Legal Firm (Advocates & Solicitors) uses Mumbai Hosting's PRIVATE SERVER for secure email communication.


A Renowned College uses Mumbai Hosting's PRIVATE SERVER to host its website and to communicate with its alumni network of 20,000 students through newsletter mailing lists.

A Travel Portal with high visitor traffic uses Mumbai Hosting's PRIVATE SERVER to serve content faster and to accept client bookings securely through SSL Certificate protected forms.


2 IP Addresses included with every VPS.
Unlimited Domains can be hosted in every server.
Free Backups for data recovery.
Fully Managed 24/7/365 Support.
Full Root Access is provided for complete control.
1-click Installers are available for easy setup.

Private Email & Hosting FAQ'S? Click here | Compare our Private Email & Hosting packages | Download Brochure Click here

99.99% uptime guarantee
Initial setup and fine tuning
RAID-10 Disk Space
Fully managed service
Initial security hardening
MultiCore CPU
CentOS operating system
Firewall & Mod_security installation
100 Mbit/s connectivity
Host Unlimited Domains
CentOS 7.x operating system
2 Dedicated IP Addresses
Apache, PHP, MySQL pre-installed
MTA - Exim (cPanel)
Full root access
cPanel Features - View
Free Backups
Private nameservers
99.99% uptime - View SLA
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