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True BusinessID
With EV

For Extended Validation

Rs.15500/- Per Year

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  • SSL Certificate by GeoTrust
  • EV SSL - Green Bar In Browser
  • Issuance Up to 10 days.
  • Trustworthy guarantee
  • High Security, Low Cost
  • Trusted by 99.3% of browsers

True BusinessID With EV

Extended validation, or EV, is the gold standard in verification. It goes well beyond simple security, providing an in-depth and comprehensive background check of your company. An issued EV certificate tells customers that you're legitimate, that you have the right credentials, and that you're trustworthy. It's an extensive process that isn't instant, but the rewards that you'll get when you can boast that you are secured by True BusinessID with EV are extensive.

Great data protection. State of the art security keeps your customers' information on lockdown. Encryption strength can reach up to 256-bit when both the server and the client's computer are sufficiently fast. The key length is always 2048 bits, and even for slower and older machines the encryption will still be strong.

The highest level of trust. Extended validation is the best thing to do for complete user trust. This is the kind of SSL that triggers the desirable green bar in the top of your visitor's browser. It's a powerful signal, one that communicates instantly just how serious you are about safety and how legitimate and trustworthy your business is. It's an absolute necessity for any business that is serious about ecommerce.

Expedited issuance. No EV certificate can be issued instantly. There are actually standards imposed upon the companies who issue the certs which require a certain level of validation, and that takes time. But some companies are able to complete this process faster than others. With GeoTrust, you can expect your SSL cert in 10 days or less.

Why SSL?

In the first days of SSL, its primary function was to secure data transfer. It wasn't until more recently that customers and certificate issuers began realizing that the same companies that handled the actual, technical SSL encryption could also go a step further. Instead of just securing the data, they could secure the companies by verifying and validating them before they issue the certificate. At that point, a certificate became more than just an assurance that data would be secure during transport between the client computer and the web server.

Primary Features
Brand (Certificate Authority):
Type (Validation Level):
Extended Validation
Paperwork Required:
Domains Secured:
Single Domain
Secures 'www' & 'non-www':
Mobile Support:
Newer Device
Very High
Technical Features
from 40-bit to 256-bit
Key Length:
2048 Bits
Site Seal Type:
Dynamic (GeoTrust OV/EV True Site Seal )
Green Bar:
Up to 10 business days
Server Licensing:
Browser Ubiquity:
Other Features
Customer Support
24x7x365 Support Ticket

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Domain Validation
Organisation Validation
Extended Validation
Wildcard Certficates